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Shanks TMIT


Posted by silverladys9sf on 2007.07.10 at 17:36
Current Location: Norfolk, VA
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Here's the thing. Even when I acknowledge everything that Plato/Socrates has done for western civilization....I hate him and think he's a prick. As often as not his "probing" questions which are supposed to reveal the absurdity of the assumptions of everyone around him actually lack logic. His superiority attitude is transmitted from 2,000 years ago and makes me want to smack him like whoa.

I've read his Republic once, and I freely acknowledge that I probably didn't understand much of it. I've now read his Symposium 3 times, and I've read excerpts of his other works. ...I don't get it. When I can push myself into an EXTREMELY objective, almost emotionless state of mind, I can appreciate the way he crafts his works. I find little value in them, though. Ultimately, I never agree with him. The things I've found in Plato's works that move me, or that I see worth in are almost always refuted.

I just don't get it. I feel as if I'm the object of a joke the whole world is in on. I don't see why Plato's so worshipped be philosophers and historians. I mean, I do. But I don't. Just because his work managed to survive and someone in the past thought it was worth something...it's as if everyone just repeats that and clings to it and doesn't even react to him on their own terms.

Gah. Plato just irritates me on so many levels. Grrrr.

Shanks TMIT

Considering Community Deletion

Posted by silverladys9sf on 2006.11.13 at 18:13
Current Location: Pei 306
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Hey kids. How are y'all? Given that no one (including myself) posts here very often, I'm considering deleting the community. I guess it doesn't really accomplish anything to delete it (it's not as if we're freeing up space on the internet really, right?), but it also doesn't seem as if this community is really serving anyone.

So, does anyone feel strongly one way or the other? I don't really, but if I don't hear from anyone in favor of it staying I will probably delete it.

Lemme know.

Kisses or whatever.


Channeling Bruce Campbell.

Bitches fear my pizza wrath!

Posted by luciferbelowme on 2006.10.08 at 00:54
How ya doing?: crankyServe my hunger. Bitch.
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*Vent-y goodness (not to be confused with Starschmuck's nazi barrista-speak)*

I spent an HOUR today trying to get those damn Pizza Nazis that comprise Virginia's tomato&cheese death-pie establishment to deliver me a pizza. First place won't deliver to a number that's not in the local zip code. Ever heard of this? Maybe you have. Can you imagine it in an area that is DEFINED by it's out-of-state, cell-phone carrying mutha-fuckers in the military!? Second place, which I saved on my cell, after the last time I ordered pizza here, has the nerve to tell me they don't deliver here.
*Twitch, twitch*
So, by this point, I'm about ready to walk out the door to the nearest pizza butt and threaten the first grease-jockey with proof that just because he woke up with a full set of organs doesn't mean he'll end the day with them if I don't get food; and finally I get cooperation from the next place. Some pimply phone-jockey need breathe a sigh of relief and know how narrowly he missed becoming a hat.

*back to normal news*

47% of a large deep-dish super-deluxe Pizza Butt experience later, and I've been reading a comic that makes it's benchmark of toilet-humor, and you can appreciate how you just got spared any more insight into the situation, but know this - I am sated. It is good.

I've been honing my sense of humor on a very fine stone of late, tread lightly lest I find good cause to split hairs with teh power of my awesome sarcasm!

Prior misspelling was deliberate, feel free to stick your neck out on that one mate.

I'm actually in a fine mood this late evening/early morn'. Just prickly.

Shanks TMIT

WTF?!?!? Fucking Sarasota.

Posted by silverladys9sf on 2006.09.03 at 21:06
Current Location: ncf (wondering why I'm here)
How ya doing?: irateirate
Blasting the speakers out with: "Strangers" -- Maxeen
1. What is with the prehistorically large insects of almost EVERY GOD DAMN variety?!?!? Why do ALL the ants bite? These are like militant stealth ninja terrorist insects. I hate it.

2. There is hardly anything open on Sundays. WTF? As if the world just stops just because God took a breather on the seventh day. It's bad enough there's no mail on Sundays. Why does the rest of the fricking world have to freeze, too?!?

3. Public transportation is a good thing. Pedestrians DO happen, stop staring at me and/or thinking I'm a FUCKING HOOKER!

4. Dear New College of Florida Administration: You run a college. People stay up late 7 days a week. There should always be some venue for buying food open. There should especially be places open on weekends after 6:30. Why isn't there? Seriously, that is so beyond fucked up. COLLEGE STUDENTS EAT AFTER 6-fucking-30! THEY EAT LATE ALL WEEK. Later than 10:30, too. Vending machines just don't cut it. What about ice cream? What about snacks? COFFEE, you FREAKS!! WE NEED CAFFEINE!

I hate you.


P.S. You should be glad that 1) I didn't have any blunt objects earlier. 2) That my anger has toned down in the last 3 hours.

Shanks TMIT

MBs, The Slaughter of Language, and other irritants

Posted by silverladys9sf on 2006.04.04 at 00:38
How ya doing?: infuriatedinfuriated
Blasting the speakers out with: "The Boondocks"
Due to my extreme love of The Boondocks, Family Guy, Futurama, AQTH and InuYasha, I foolishly joined the [adult swim] Fan Collective / Message Board. Wow, am I dumb. Being on there reminds me of all the reasons I gave up on posting on mbs except Tom's (www.isolatedfilms.com/phpbb2 for those of you interested).

1. The People: They are infuriating. They whine and complain about the dumbest crap. They make ridiculous statements (such as emo kids and smokers are the same because they're both killing themselves, and that emo kids are going to hell because they dress in drag). They can't argue or debate coherently. They talk like 12-year-olds.

2. The Messages: Aside from what the people actually post about, there's the actual construction of the messages. The wrong synonym. Blatantly awful grammar. Absolutely no attempt at punctuation. You read a post and then realize that what you read as one sentence was actually 3 sentences and that you would agree with the person if only he or she didn't express him/herself like an ape. I'm sorry, but you can't make an educated argument actually have any weight if you can't even spell it. I'm not saying that their opinions aren't valid...just that they shouldn't start talking about Moors invading Spain, then toss some bullshit out about how Africans started racism before Europe did and do all of it without at least passable grammar, spelling, and punctuation. If you want to be taken seriously, write seriously.

I miss the LBC board some times. People like Johnny and Tom, who are witty and hilarious. I miss the banter. I don't miss the ridiculous debates, the close-mindedness, the constant sniping and petty meanness.

I thought for a while I wanted to go back to that. Now I realize that although my life is at a less-than-ideal place, at least I have enough of a life that I don't spend all my time having arguments that only make me feel like I'm going to explode...especially arugments that don't matter, with people I don't respect.


*smiles* - coffee swirl

The nations new lives: corrupted.

Posted by sweet_kitty_gal on 2006.02.20 at 23:48
How ya doing?: annoyedannoyed
Blasting the speakers out with: Who Do You think You Are <~> Spice Girls
Yesterday I met a little girl who had cancer.. she was so sweet. She wanted to find a card for her mama.. my god i was nearly in tears. she wanted one that said thank you for being the best mommy in the world while i was sick.... she must have only been about 8.. no hair.. just a dennim cap covering her head with little cats painted on it... my god... she was so sweet. Her grandma stood behind her and cryed silently while i pushed her around the store in her wheel chair... she was so frail... *sigh*
Why is it that god chooses the small ones to go through the most now a days. He chooses the ones that are just struggling to get by to play games with and to tease.
I have to wonder if he is prepping us for the harder world that is coming. you realize when you were a kid.. (90's for me) that everything was so easy. that your worst fear in life was that your teacher was going to take away your pogs? or that you didn't have the latest beanie baby? or even the almost histaricle problem of " My mom gave me a bolgna sandwich!". Now day kids have to worry about rapists, shootings, diseases.. and still the occasional cootie.. only now they are called lice.
For every parent that looks at their kid and says they have it easy.. why are they stressing out... I will smack. kids now days (aswell as teens) have some of the most adult level stress going on with them. When you were little most kids didn't even know what the word "bitch" or "fuck" was till they got to middle school or high school. now kids are saying it in kindergarten.. and meaning it. Kindergarteners get in fist fights! Did you ever worry about getting in a fist fight when you were 4? I didn't!
teens have it worse aswell. It used to only be about makeup.. and boys.. now it's "Ashley has Anorexia.. I need to get her to eat".. or "Shey wants to kill himself... I need to show him how much i love and care for them". Its pathetic.
When you were younger adults hardly censored things.... and the only thing they did.. was the news.
I remember watching "Sally" when i was younger.. as well as "Rikie Lake" thinking.. that only happens in Las Vegas and other places. when i would go to school and ask.. kids only knew it happened on TV.. its not real.
You go to school and ask if anybody knows what "Jerry Springer" is.. you get a class room with 20 kids to raise 75% of their hands! and if you ask "Do you think its real?" all of them say yes. "where does it take place?" "down the street."
Kids are exposed way to young now! Give them back Care Bears, Rainbow Bright, Strawberry Shortcake, Gummi Bears, The Samurie Pizza Cats, Mighty Morphan Power Rangers... Dont give them COPS and the WB. My gosh!
Give a kid the hallmark channel. That will get them. Give them touched by an Angel. That will give them the Religion if they are to sick to go to church. Get a V chip and go to the doctors 4 times a year... even if you dont need it. Give them back their innocence!
We found a card for the little girl. she signed it at the bottom and bought a pack of stickers and put hearts and kittys all over the outside. As the little girl was decorating her card her Grandma and I talked. SHe said she has been in Chemo for two years now... her mom wont let her watch tv because its too violent but some of the other kids fill her in on whats happening in the world. She watches old 90's TV shows that her sister had saved.. I remember that little girl looking up at me beeming and saying " I love Blossom!" she laughed.. then attempted a "whoa" (Joey from Blossom used to say it). she smiled so wide...
just before she left she put one of the little kitty stickers right on the back of my hand and said "thank you" then left. as she left she started to faint.. she was almost out of meds in the bag attached to her chair... I have never seen a grandma run so fast through a mall.
Why does our Nation, Our God(s), our world do this to kids?

Shanks TMIT

This SHOULD work...

Posted by silverladys9sf on 2006.01.26 at 18:45
How ya doing?: angryangry
I made 3, but the other 2 aren't resizing so they're waaaaaaaaaaaay too big. :( Sorry.

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Fleshing it out

Posted by silverladys9sf on 2006.01.26 at 16:26
How ya doing?: boredbored
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Hi. So, I want to improve the community and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions. I made Foamy the Squirrel the home page, since he's already in the icon it seemed appropriate. If anyone has anything to contribute for interests or anything, it would be much appreciated. I'm going to make some banners in case anyone wants to use them. If anyone else wants to, go ahead. ...Yeah, I guess that covers it.

Channeling Bruce Campbell.
Posted by luciferbelowme on 2006.01.02 at 00:24
Well, I wanted to start by saying I didn't know what I was going to say at first, but the nice thing is you don't need to think long and hard to find something that really grabs your goat. At the moment, it's fucking (and I don't care if it's un P.C. OR unoriginal to swear, I enjoy the simplicity of it's offensiveness) computers in general, and the bloody damn internet in general. I just spent half an hour trying to email Lissa some pictures from my recent graduation from Hell... and then it errored and lost them all, and now it won't let me into Yahoo, like it was the FBI's protected internet system or something... Piss on technology anyway.
Furthermore, I shouldn't even BE here right now. I should be in Great Lakes, but some muthafucker from Indian Trails (READ: Grey Hound's little bitch knock-off) blew right by the bus stop yesterday, which is against the law, and left me standing there with my shit. Now I have to get up tomorrow morning, and fucking HOPE I get back to base on time tomorrow night. This is on top of Grey hound losing my luggage, then fucking giving Joe and myself the runnaround for four days, passing Joe on and leaving him on hold for hours... Thanks to him for doing it though, because Lissa was here I had a hard time thinking about anything else!

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Old people

Posted by silverladys9sf on 2005.12.20 at 22:44
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